Welcome To This Beautiful Product Photoshoot With Elisara

ELISARA is a consciously created skincare and aromatherapy brand that encourages you to find luxury in your routine and bring moments of ritual into your daily practice.

They believe that self-care is essential to holistic well-being and that creating small moments throughout the day can have a profound effect on your mind, body and spirit.

Elisara’s core values center around incorporating rituals effortlessly into daily life. During the shoot, we conveyed this message by demonstrating, how simple it is to use their beautiful perfume oil rollers as part of your morning routine or to carry a calming oil roller in your purse while heading off for school pick-up.

Knowing that we needed a model for this shoot, and one that represented the values of the audience that Elisara speaks to, we worked with a local model / Mum who has the most beautifully relaxed nature and the most gorgeous wardrobe of vintage clothing.

This shoot was a lot of fun and a visual delight to work on, it is amazing the magic that happens when values and souls align!

Woman wearing vintage peach coloured shirt, smiling whilst applying Elisara perfume oil roller
Hand reaching for Elisara Blue Moon Calm Balm and Marshmallow lip repair on vintage bedside table
Elisara Blue Moon Calm Balm next to a glass of lemon water
Stack of Elisara linen eye pillows with Blue Moon Calm Balm on top and all ontop of lifestyle books

With Storytelling product photography, a crucial step of the process involves fully understanding the narrative and values of the client. Equally important is understanding the values and interests of their target audience. This dual understanding empowers us to take compelling visual imagery that creates an emotional connection with potential customers.

Woman sitting on yogat yoga mat with Elisara linen eye pillow
Woman in white shirt pouring herbal tea next to Elisara perfume oil roller
Elisara perfume oil roller being placed into a vintage leather purse

Can you relate to any of these images and associated stories… Finishing off your yoga workout with a beautiful linen eye pillow, herbal tea and time out for yourself, running around with just your purse and needing to take a little bit of self-love with you.

Eco-conscious product photoshoots

There are so many ways you can set up a storytelling product photoshoot, and it involves careful consideration of various elements, particularly props. In the images you can see below, we have crafted a bedtime routine setting using a beautiful vintage bedside table adorned with books that embody the essence of slow living. The color palette works harmoniously, resulting in a cohesive and appealing composition.

For the soap image, we used a different soap to generate the foam, which adds a touch of visual interest. Meanwhile, the model’s hands cradle the soap, creating a sense of care and connection. The super creamy foam not only enhances the aesthetics but also showcases the exceptional quality of the soap’s ingredients.

Woman sleeping next to the vintage bedside table with Elisara products
Elisara hand-made soap in foamy hands
Woman in vintage pattern dress holding Elisara perfume oil roller in hand
Elisara lip repair being placed into green leather bag

The main consideration when it comes to props and backgrounds is to keep it simple and only use props that complement the product and add to the story. The product should always be the first thing you look at in the image.

Woman wearing white shirt sitting on yogat yoga mat holding natural oil room spray with oil roller and eye pillow on wooden stool
Elisara hand-made soap foamy on the shoulder in the shower

Woman in white shirt using Elisara Blue Moon Calm Balm next to rustic table
Woman applying Elisara Blue Moon Calm Balm to wrist whilst sitting and reading The Bush Journal
Woman in white shirt applying perfume oil to wrist with magazine on lap

Here the white shirt offsets the brown glass and blueness of the Blue Moon Calm Balm beautifullyy

We chose The Bush Journal as a prop under the Calm Balm as it’s values match those of the products

Top Tip, regardless of the story you are telling, always make sure the label and product details are in focus and easy to read!

If you are interested in finding out more about these stunning products, you can check them out at Elisara & if you’d like to know more about the services I offer for photographing your products, you can find out more HERE or drop me a line HERE



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