This chapter right now, in all it’s beautiful, crazy & fleeting glory, this is the most important one..

Debi Brett Photography is a Brisbane Bayside photographer, who also travels interstate & internationally to capture YOUR story with her unique way of seeing.

 Is your family a wonderful mix of crazy and tender?
Are you keen to capture the memories of this chapter , with you in the frame too?
Do you enjoy hanging out together, whether at home or out adventuring?

If so, then I know we will be a great match! My time with you will be all about capturing what makes your family tick and the things that make you happy……I can’t wait to see your story!

Meet Debi..
Hello! I’m Debi…an English girl married to a Scottish boy, happily living the life of dreams in Bayside Brisbane with our two young children. Before finding my roots in Australia and jumping behind the lens I was an interior designer in the UK, which explains my fascination with capturing your home & everyday surroundings.

Paving a way in the Brisbane Bayside area with a storytelling approach to both family and business photo sessions, I would love to capture the beauty of this chapter of your story for you, whatever chapter you are in….


Photo Credits : Sarah Dee Photography

yes, that’s me

“Gorgeous Debi! I’m think I’m addicted to your photography …When can you come again!?” Jess White


BUT….what if my children play up, won’t smile, won’t listen etc. I don’t know what to wear, I haven’t got time to organise this, what happens if it rains?!??!?

These are some of the concerns I hear and the main reasons that families don’t have photos taken.

So, let me address them for you : I am a child whisper, seriously, kids love me and I have a million and one tricks up my sleeve to get them on side. I also have a shed load of patience, yep.. I am one chilled out lady when it comes to riding out a tantrum. I will guide you with what to wear and all the little tricks for great photos of you. If it rains & it’s not ggoing to make for the photos we planned, we’ll fall back on Plan B or reschedule. 

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