The key to connecting to your audience is to be authentic, to share your story with them. The ins and outs, the small details that are unique to you and your business. Lifestyle Portraits are a great way to do this… they are relaxed and fun too.


How does it work ...
I come to you with my backdrop and lights, I set up in an area that we have previously agreed upon… this usually takes about 20-30 mins.

This style of classic headshots are quick and take an average of 5 minutes per person, allowing time to review photos to make sure we got ‘the’ shot, ie one that is pin sharp in focus and has a smile and look that you are happy with, and is also consistent with the company’s philosophy.

Photos are edited with minimal photoshopping, just the removal of any stray hairs, blemishes etc

Hair and make up is not provided as part of this service unless specified, and is then costed per project

How much does it cost...

See the packages and pricing page for all the info

What do I wear..
We will chat before hand about what to wear, in line with company policy / branding colours / end use of photo.  I will also advise on hair / make up / accessories / glasses / name badges etc

In the case of larger numbers an email will be prepared for issue before hand outlining dress requirements

I will bring a mirror and basic hair and make up requirements (hair spray / face powder etc)



I really don't like having my photo taken...
SO DO I, I am so with you on this!!

No need to worry though, I have plenty of tips and tricks to make you feel at ease and capture a photo that you will be happy with. You will have a chance to see your photos on the day, either back of camera or tethered to a laptop to be sure we have a photo you are happy with.

Why do I need this?
The short answer is YES, let’s make this as easy and time efficient as possible for you….