The Crazy & The Tender / Brisbane Family Photographer

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I was greeted at the door with the most beautiful smile from a woman with flame red hair and pillar box red lipstick, I instantly knew this shoot was going to be a success. I walked into the old, character filled Queenslander and was hit in the head by a low flying foam bullet from one of the boys toy guns… yep, this was going to fun as well as stylish!!

Bring on an hour of wrangling three high energy boys, cuddling a gorgeous baby girl, moving fabulous retro furniture around to catch the best light and taking advantage of the full height muslin curtains bellowing in the spring breeze. The family dynamics were wonderful, which you can totally see in the photos.. full of love and respect and as Liz’s beautiful testimony described “You caught our crazy and our tender” … Mission complete, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Tapping into your family dynamics, the ones that make you tick and you uniquely you is a skill set that I have honed and fine tuned over the years. Each family is so wonderfully different, and seriously if you try too hard I just can’t capture it. Let me in to your home, take me to your happy place, come as you are and just be you… that is where the magic happens 🙂

Oh, I forgot to mention, I was surprised to find out that it was Mum’s birthday that day… I got the cutest photo of all the kids eagerly awaiting their piece of cake!


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