Family Photography : Why it matters

by | 21 Apr, 2019 | FAMILY |

Every day life, that’s what matters.. pottering with your family, hanging out together.

It is the every day that you remember least but shapes you the most as children, the way we are loved on by our parents, the way we are made to feel important & that we matter. The playfulness of washing the car, the hugs and kisses that you don’t even notice but your subconscious pulls in and holds tight to your heart. The giggles on the beach, the snuggles on the sofa, this is what family life is all about.

YET, we all do it so differently… every. single. family is unique, as is yours. 

Take those photos, make those memories, not the dressed up and posed photos but the every day uniquely you ones, all of you in the frame together just being. That is family photography.