Extended Family Portrait & gorgeous Newborn / Redcliffe

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Christmas time = Happy family time.

The perfect opportunity to gather your nearest and dearest together from all sides of the country and celebrate being together. This beautiful family contacted me for just this reason, with family visiting from central Australia and New Zealand and with a newborn added into the equation it was the perfect family gathering at this special time of year.

We met on the beach at Redcliffe and it was blowing a gale, we found a few nooks to shelter in and then had fun playing on the beach. Heading back to the Grandparents apartment was wonderfully insightful into the connected relationship this family has, the walls were filled with family photos and the grandchildren spilt out everywhere filling the space with laughter, and some tired crying too!

Photos were taken of each of the siblings family, and each photo perfectly reflected the stage of life they are in, the baby and toddler crying photo reminds me of my family dynamic just a few short years ago…

Enjoy enjoy the photos and the love that leaps from the screen.



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