Learn how to do it yourself!


Learn how to do it yourself!


Learn how to do it yourself!

24/7 access

to on-brand images

Lack of confidence, overwhelm, not knowing where to start, how to do it, what to take photos and videos of, doubting your ideas, styling, lighting … the list is endless.


is a range of courses that are a simple, follow along concept, removing the overwhelm and making you feel like you have a pro photographer in your back pocket 24/7.

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Which Product Photography Course is for you?

Product Photography Confidence - Storytelling Photography


Product Photography Confidence

Storytelling Photography

This product photography course is a simple step by step guide to taking your own Storytelling Photos

Product Photography Confidence - Creative Content Creation


Product Photography Confience

Creative Content Creation

Simple processes and worksheets to help you become your own ideas machine and content creation generator

Product Photography Confidence - Visual Brand Voice


Product Photography Confidence

Visual Brand Voice

A hold your hand approach to creating and maximising your own visual brand voice

Do it yourself

A selection of easy-to-understand courses designed to teach you how to take your own beautiful storytelling product photographs.

Perfect for start-up businesses that do not have a huge photography budget and ALSO for businesses who invest in professional photography, but need to create beautiful imagery on the go and supplement images in between professional shots.

Designed to remove the overwhelm, build confidence and generate ideas, enhance your brand voice and keep your visual profile on social media at the top of its game.

Each product photography course comes with access to an online community of fellow creators and makers and a private supporting FB group.

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Kind Words

These courses will change the way you think about product photography AND the sense of community, support and shared ideas throughout has been an unexpected bonus

Fuller Flips

You know you've made an impact when people don't realise they have taken on your learning and now just meld them into their everyday life. I no longer sit and think 'how do I make this look good' it just happens!

Black Wattle Woodshop

I've learnt so much from this course, not only the technical skills I need to take better photos but a new way of thinking about the visual side of my business.

Sammy Mac

Taking photos that speak my brand voice are now second nature!

Elaine & Mavis

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a professional product photographer in your back pocket 24/7?

Whilst that is not at all practical or financially viable, learning how to take amazing photos for yourself with an online product photography course could be the next best thing.

The reality is that e-commerce businesses need a steady flow of amazing images. You also need to be able to be consistently engaged with your audience so they keep your business front and centre of their mind… and whilst a professional photoshoot (if budget allows) is great for ticking off the key images you need, there is always more to do.

Imagine if you had the creative and technical knowledge to take photos that you could confidently use for all your promotional needs

Past students have found these courses invaluable in helping them to creatively think outside the box, to strengthen their own brand voice and confidently take and edit their own beautiful images… usually on a smartphone.

The FB community and ongoing support is part of the beauty of these courses, it builds your confidence and creates a connection with other like-minded businesses.

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