Black Rock Camping : Four days off grid

Black Rock Campground is quite literally.. STUNNING!  In fact it is our new favourite place to camp. It is the first time we had camped off grid, no phone reception, no electricity and no running water, located 15KM down a dirt track in the Bundjalung National Park, it really is the middle of no-where.  The roads were made of sand and each site was surrounded with it’s own personal bush land which made it feel like you were the only people there.

Our girls rode around of bikes with friends, exploring with a freedom they don’t have in our urban home setting.. and they totally flourished. We went dune climbing at dawn and crab watching by night.


I tested out working on my laptop (without internet) as a trail run for when we travel whilst my husband climbed trees and jumped into the creek with our girls and friends. We shooed snakes away from under tables and woke to fresh kangeroo poo outside our tent, we saw bandicoots and eagles… but no wild emu’s or peacocks that roam the bush.

We spent a day in Evan’s Head, snokerling and wave jumping before heading to town for ice creams from Muzza’s Milk Bar and a top up of marshmallows for toasting.

We came home with feet stained black from the Black Rock sand, sun kissed skin, happy hearts and the desire to travel even further etched into our desires for 2023…..

If you find the time to go, I highly highly recommend!

With gratitude


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