A Family photoshoot with Granny & Poppy

by | 17 Mar, 2020

With family visiting from the UK this was the perfect opportunity for an extended family photo shoot.

The day started off as grey and over cast but spirits were high and this family home was full of fun, love and laughter from the moment I walked in. With two high energy children (who quite literally climbed the walls) this was always going to be a shoot with lots of moments to capture. From the togetherness of the extended family on the sofa, to the craziness of children play fighting, to the quieter moments of reading together on the sofa and sisters taking a moment to just be. This beautiful family was a joy to capture, the perfect blend of crazy and tender.. just the way I love it to be!

This old Queenslander house was full of character, meaning lots of beautiful backdrops and details to incorporate into the image and tell the story of the house as a family home… the interior designer in me was delighted!

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