This chapter right now, in all it’s beautiful, crazy & fleeting glory, this is the most important one..

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If you are here to find out more about a storytelling family photo session….Hello, hello it is great to meet you, come on in you are in the right place!

Let me ask you, is your family a wonderful mix of crazy and tender? Do you love hanging out together at home or in a place that is special to you? Are your memories made up of the chaos of young children or the beauty of watching your children turn into young adults? Is your family all about spending time together as well and cuddling up with just Mum or Dad to read books? If this sounds like your family, I know we are going to be a great match!!

I can tell you that your family photoshoot is going to be easy going (even with a tantruming baby), fun (even with a moody teenager) and relaxed (even with a panic pants Mum) with all the help and advise you need leading up to the session. We will work together to make sure everything is covered, because relaxed and well informed parents makes for a relaxed photo shoot, and by default the most beautiful photos!

Our time together is about capturing what makes you tick and the things that makes your family happy……

Meet Debi..


Hello! I’m Debi…an English girl married to a Scottish boy, happily living the life of dreams in Bayside Brisbane with our two young children. Before finding my roots in Australia and jumping behind the lens I was an interior designer in the UK, which explains my fascination with capturing your home & everyday surroundings.

Paving a way in the Brisbane Bayside area with a storytelling approach to both family and business photo sessions, I would love to capture the beauty of this chapter of your story for you, whatever chapter you are in….

Photo Credits : Sarah Dee Photography

yes, that’s me

“A great outcome! We are amazed at the quality of the images, especially taking into account the state of the kids during the session. I guess you’re working in the right profession 🙂  Really well done!” Chris Dammann

But what if my children play up, won’t smile, won’t listen etc. My husband is not onboard, I don’t know what to wear, I haven’t got time organise this, what happens if it rains, I don’t have the money…

These are some of the concerns I hear and the main reasons that families don’t have photos taken.

So, let me address them for you… I am a child whisper, seriously, kids love me and I have a million and one tricks up my sleeve to get them on side. I also have a shed load of patience, yep.. I am one chilled out lady when it comes to riding out a tantrum. Dad’s love to play with their children, so that is what they will do… play whilst I snap away, and for the family photo.. well they can play then to, because if your family is like mine, my husband is the main rough and tumbler. I will guide you with what to wear and all the little tricks for great photos of you. If it rains, well we are at home so that doesn’t matter and maybe we can get some great dancing in the rain photos too!! As for the investment, payment plans are available, just ask and we will work it out for you.

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